Don’t Get the Beach Day Blues

Summer’s here, and at Patrick Fettinger, DPM, we know our Fairfield County patients have lots of beautiful Connecticut beaches from which to choose for cooling off on hot summer days. However, nothing can put a damper on your seaside fun faster than a foot problem. Below are some potential beach hazards and how to avoid them.

  • Hidden Dangers in the Sand—broken glass and jagged-edge shells can be hiding just below the surface of the sand resulting in cuts or a puncture wound. If you’re going to take a stroll, slip on your water shoes or flip-flops first.
  • Jelly Fish Stings—even when washed up on the shore, jellyfish stingers can still get you. Pack a small container of baking soda or vinegar in your beach bag. Carefully remove stingers (use gloves or tweezers to avoid stings on your hands) and then apply the baking soda or vinegar to tone down the sting. A jellyfish sting should heal on its own within a few days. If yours seems to worsen instead of better, contact our New Fairfield (203-746-9660) or Middlebury (203-598-0357) office for an appointment so our podiatrist, Dr. Patrick J. Fettinger, can examine your foot and make sure infection hasn’t developed.
  • Beach Sports Injuries—extreme frisbee or beach volleyball are fun, but shifting sands make an ankle sprain more likely if you’re wearing flip-flops or sandals. If you think some high-energy sports activity may be part of your beach day, be sure to bring a pair of sneakers.
  • Sole Burn—most people don’t think about how hot the sand can get until they try to walk on it without shoes. Remember that if you arrive at the beach in the morning, the sand may have heated up considerably by lunchtime. Put your shoes on to head to the snack stand or restroom and avoid a nasty burn on the bottom of your feet.
  • Fungal Foot Infections—happy memories are what you want to bring home from your beach day, not a case of athlete’s foot or toenail fungus! Keep feet covered in public restrooms and changing areas. They are prime breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria that get passed on by direct contact.

If you experience any foot injuries or pain this summer, contact us promptly for diagnosis and treatment.

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